ESR9 – Enhancing open data ecosystem: data journalist perspective

Objective: To develop an open data quality validator including government and other data.  By collecting, analysing and comparing open data from multiple sources (public and private) of information, this ESR will:

  • Examine not only the quantity, but also the quality of open data offered by public institutions.
  • Review and crosscheck that open data become public according to both legal and ethical rules.
  • Analyse social media as an open data source/user and as a democracy pillar are destined to fail if no credibility is guaranteed.
  • Identify and document fake news’ extent in Twitter and the multiple dimensions of hoax.
  • Design/develop a copy/paste checker, locating media that are misleading readers and/or violating systematically the applicable copyright properties.


Beneficiary – Host institution:


Partners – Planned secondments: