ESR5 – Technical interoperability in the open data ecosystem

Objective: To design and develop tools that improve the technical interoperability of open government and non-government data at platform level, including platforms/ portals within (e.g. national open data portals and the European data portal) and between domains. Objectives are:

  • To identify the current technological commons used in the open data domain including DKAN,CKAN and domain specific applications.
  • To review different tools and methodologies for the analysis of different kinds of data.
  • To assemble and develop manuals for each identified and developed tool ensuring technical interoperability.
  • To design and develop a checker for the identified data enabling quick view from the original source; the degree of possible combination with other identified datasets in terms of data and metadata included in the datasets. The checker application will also measure the technical characteristics of each platform providing open data (licenses, quality etc.).
  • To design and implement an open data integrator that will address the technical interoperability of open data from different domains. 


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