ESR4 – Open Licensing of Non-Government Data

Objective: To design new legal instruments to include private actors as producers and sharers of (open) data and data generated by private companies and users on private platforms, by:

  • Investigating from a legal perspective novel value distribution and incentive mechanisms and design how a new sustainable distribution of value in the open data ecosystem may be implemented in licenses based on alternative values defined in ESR3.
  • Investigating whether commons-based approaches can be developed to openly license commercial data and data volunteered by citizens on public, commons, and private platforms, and ported from other environments (e.g., medical and microbial commons, data pools).
  • Exploring legal mechanisms that will facilitate and incentivise the release of non-government data as open data in open data commons, data pools or data collaboratives) as well as private and user-generated data contributed to public and private platforms (e.g., social media).
  • Ensuring compatibility between commercial, and individual (data protection, privacy and sharing) interests.


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