ESR7 – Interdomain semantic interoperability

Objective: To enable the web of data by enhancing the semantic interoperability between sectoral and domain specific data models and ontologies. With a special focus to data coming from local governments, this project will:

  • To identify the different kinds of open government data coming from (local, regional and national) government data sources.
  • To identify sectoral (or detailed) data and metadata models to enable cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary research and utilisation of open data in its ecosystem.
  • To define the proximity of the different ontologies towards enabling the web of data.
  • To create connections to the Linked Open Data Cloud (LODC) through mappings between different ontologies enhancing interoperability.
  • To develop an ontology including and describing the connections created paving the way towards the realisation of the web of data.


Beneficiary – Host institution:


Partners – Planned secondments: