ESR14 – Enhancing Open Data Ecosystem: Algorithm and Intelligence Perspective

Objective: To investigate how Artificial Intelligence (Algorithms) and Collective Intelligence (AI & CI) approaches can be shaped to foster access to open data, to obtain value from their usage, and to share the resulting products in the open data ecosystem. The research will be pursued through defining concrete strategies to combine the two “intelligences”, and then deriving a logical infrastructure enabling the integration of AI, CI and OD. Sub-objectives are:

  • To identify effective strategies for combining intelligences the research will be structured according to following successive steps:
  • Review of the technical and governance needs of AI and CI to use OD.
  • Performing a systematic review on (1) approaches of AI, CI and AI/CI combinations applied to the production and use of OD, (2) AI approaches adopted to the production of OD, and (3) on strategies combining AI with CI.
  • To design strategies enabling the interplay of OD with AI and CI.
  • To design a logical OD infrastructure enabling the fusion of OD with AI and CI.
  • To prototype and evaluate the OD infrastructure.


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