Umair Ahmed

Umair Ahmed 


Umair Ahmed (ESR 14) started his research on 1 February 2022 in the department of Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Camerino. Umair is researching on Open Data from the perspective of Intelligence. His particular focus is on increasing accessibility and findability of open data using Artificial Intelligence. His Initial emphasis was on recommendation system for structured data to increase accessibility, but lack of quality metadata directed his research into a prerequisite problem of inferring metadata from datasets. He is currently working on algorithms for extracting representative tags and keywords from uploaded datasets.

Beneficiary: University of Camerino (IT)

Title Research project: Enhancing Open Data Ecosystem: Algorithm and Intelligence Perspective

Daily Supervisor: Andrea Polini

Academic Secondments: University of the AEGEAN (GR)

Professional Secondment: Maggioli SpA (IT)


  • PhD in CS 
  • Masters in CS
  • Bachelors in CS