Caterina Santoro

Caterina Santoro


Caterina Santoro started as ESR in January 2022 and joined the Public Governance Institute of KU Leuven as PhD student. Since the start of her PhD Caterina has been researching open data governance with a focus on the governmental instruments that could enable social equity in the open data ecosystem. The point of departure of her work is the lack of investigation on all the different roles (user, re-user, etc.) and instruments (i.e., training, regulation, organization, etc.) of the government in the open data ecosystem. Through her work, she aims at identifying different governmental roles and instruments (or their combination) that can enable social equity in the open data ecosystem. In the context of her research, Caterina worked on the article “A Comparative Approach to Open Data Governance. Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic” presented at the conference of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) in Lisbon in September 2022. 

Beneficiary:  KU Leuven (BE) 

Title Research project: Enhancing open data ecosystem: government as a user perspective

Daily Supervisor: César Casiano Flores

Academic Secondments: Delft University of Technology (NL)

Professional Secondment: Digitaal Vlaanderen (BE)


  • Master’s Degree in Law
  • MSc in Public Administration