Georgios Papageorgiou

Giorgos Papageorgiou


Georgios Papageorgiou started the program as an ESR on 1 February 2022 in Huffington post Greece (FAROSNET) and he was admitted to the PhD program of the Aegean University on 7 April 2022. His research is focused on the use of open data by journalists. He is concluding a systematic literature review with the goal of determining how the research literature on data journalism with the use of open data is developing, and what are the most significant benefits and barriers encountered in published papers. He is drafting the second part of his research, a quantitative / qualitative study, to identify the needs, motivations and impediments that journalists encounter in the use of open data. Also, while working at the Huffington Post, he is writing articles relevant to the topic of his research in collaboration with the chief editor, the articles are written in the Greek language and published in Huffington Post Greek edition. His first article was titled “Metadata: Tool of investigative journalism against war propaganda” where it was explained in simple terms what are metadata and how it had been used to expose propaganda posts relevant to the Ukrainian conflict. Currently, he is working on his second article titled “The anatomy of a fake news story”.

Beneficiary: Farsonet (GR) 

Title Research project: Enhancing open data ecosystem: data journalist perspective 

Daily Supervisor: Antonis Fourlis

Academic Secondments: Aalborg University (DK) & Delft University of Technology (NL) & University of the AEGEAN (GR)

Professional Secondment:


  • B.Eng & M.Eng. Information and Communication Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Internet Technologies and Enterprise Computing