Maria Ioanna Maratsi

Maria Ioanna Maratsi


Maria Ioanna Maratsi started the program as an ESR for ODECO in May 2022 and her project work specializes in the semantic interoperability of open (and linked) data. Currently, her research is centered around developing semantically-driven methodological frameworks to enable the web of data by improving machine-processable information capabilities, as well as examining cross-sectoral but also domain-specific (meta)data models and ontologies. While her current involvements are more directed towards the semantic interoperability of open data, she is further interested in involving herself in a variety of other research directions, such as data quality, applications of disruptive technologies on open data (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology and more), information privacy and security, as well as multidisciplinary approaches in information technology.

Beneficiary: University of the Aegean (GR) 

Title Research project: Interdomain semantic interoperability

Daily Supervisor: Charalampos Alexopoulos

Academic Secondments: University of Zaragoza (ES)

Professional Secondment: Derilinx (IE)


  • BSc Computer Science/ Networks & Telecommunications
  • MSc Information Security

  • MSc Artificial Intelligence