Mohsan Ali

Mohsan Ali


Mohsan Ali (ESR5) started his ODECO contract on 12 May 2022. The University of the Aegean accepted him as a PhD candidate after verifying his educational documents in September 2022. His ODECO responsibilities are to contribute to the topic of technical interoperability of open data ecosystems, such as analysis of the existing tools for open data analysis, data aggregation and integration (from multiple domains), and manual development. He has earned 2.5 ECTS for completing the ODECO online training program (OTP), divided into 8 modules in three months. He attended the first training week (50 HRS) on the topic of “Understanding Open Data as an Ecosystem” at the University of Aalborg in Copenhagen. He recently published an article titled “A comprehensive analysis of open data platforms, prevalent technologies, and functionality” at ICEGOV-22. He has submitted another research article to the 26th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics with International Participation. He has attended a workshop at ICEGOV-2022, Portugal, regarding the Local Online Service Index (LOSI) instrument, a research methodology to evaluate the websites of municipalities and large cities. He has attended two summer schools hosted by the University of the AEGEAN: Ebizz-2022 and OpenGov-2022. Each summer school consisted of 3 ECTS. He finished three of the World Bank’s online open data toolkit courses, like “Open Data for Users” (35 HRS), “Open Data for Policy Makers” (6 HRS), and “Open Data for Producers” (32 HRS). Furthermore, he is co-leading a research article on “open data ecosystems and infrastructures” that is being written by all ESRs.

Beneficiary:  University of the Aegean (GR) 

Title Research project: Technical interoperability in the open data ecosystem

Daily Supervisor: Charalampos Alexopoulos

Academic Secondments: University of Zaragoza (ES)

Professional Secondment: Derilinx (IE)


  • Lived in the Capital city of Pakistan; Islamabad

  • MSCS 

  • BSCS