Assessing open data products in the domain of agriculture

7eData is a company specialised in the creation, installation, and maintenance of Information Systems for the agri-food industry. With more than 25 years of expertise in the digitalization of agri-food cooperatives, 7eData offers solutions for agri-food Cooperatives, wineries, mills, dehydration plants, feed mills, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) governing bodies, irrigation communities, and other types of businesses in which traceability is an essential component of their overall administration and management.

During his secondment in 7eData, Abdul Aziz (University of Zaragoza) has assessed open data products relevant to the agricultural domain and the possibility of reusing them. In order to assess if the open data products may add value to 7eData, Abdul used two of the FAIR principles as a guide:

  • Findability: It refers to the problem of discovering the datasets and the sources that may be queried (data portals, search engines, and registries). Abdul searched for the datasets in various data portals (regional and government), search engines, and registries to find instances and prospectively related datasets.
  • Accessibility: Is it possible to access the dataset? How can I acquire access to the format, API, or the download procedure? Is there metadata available? Abdul also verified whether each data product and its metadata are accessible and how they are organised.

To sum up, Abdul researched approaches to optimise the 7eData products and its data regarding for future re(use). Abdul has looked at datasets, including agricultural parcels, evaluated the availability of software and data products pertinent to the agricultural domain, and investigated the automatic data harvesting mechanism performed by aGROSlab (the newest and most prominent product of 7eData).