Training Week in Aalborg University Copenhagen

After the compilation of the online training module, ODECO presided to the next step in the training of their Early Stage Researchers (ESR) with an intensive training week that took place in Copenhagen from 29/8 to 3/9 and was organized and facilitated by the Aalborg University.

During this week the ESR’s presented their research progress and acquired constructive feedback from the Professors of the consortium. Also, the certificates for the compilation of the Online training module were handed over to the ESR.
Academic, NGO, government agencies, and business shared their perspectives and lessons learned from the use of open data.


Also, many workshops and presentations were conducted by the professors to boost the ESR’s in their research, enhance their knowledge and prepare them to collaborate across multidisciplinarity teams.

These activities and lectures were:

  • Lecture: The ethics of data processing and sharing

  • Lecture: Open data in education

  • Activity: Identify educational needs and designs

  • Lecture: Research Methodology

  • Lecture & Activity: Professional and scientific integrity

  • Lecture: Laws applicable to data

  • Activity: Open licensing

  • Lecture: From the idea to pitch-deck


And finally, we have to applaud the Aalborg University team which not only organizes a very effective training but also enhances it with social activities after the training hours and allowed the ODECO team to forge stronger bonds and explore the beautiful city of Copenhagen.


All of us in the ODECO project are excited for our next training week at the University of Zaragoza.