Finalization of the ODECO online training programe

We are proud to announce that our Early-stage researchers have completed their first milestone in the open data world with the finalization of the ODECO training program.

The objectives of the Introductory Online Training program was to stimulate collaboration between the ESRs, to support the ESRs in gaining an interdisciplinary perspective and to train ESRs’ context-specific research skills by introducing them into the core of open data and by developing and establishing a common ODECO vocabulary.

All project beneficiaries participated in the preparation and implementation of the training program , so that we reached a common knowledge base of the key terms, concepts, and approaches to the open data ecosystem. The program introduced the open data ecosystem holistically, including all its different individual components and the relations between them.  

The program, designed by the EU’s leading experts on the field, was divided into eight modules covering different key open data topics.

  • Actors and stakeholders
  • Infrastructure, tools, and metadata
  • Governance
  • Legal aspects
  • Linked data technology: vocabularies for semantic alignment
  • Open data business models
  • Best practices and co-creation

Congratulations to the ESRs for their first step on an exciting, thought-provoking journey, full of adventure, full of discovery.