Ingrid Mulder

Ingrid Mulder

Associate professor, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Dr. Ingrid Mulder is an expert in transformative and social design. Her background in policy and organization sciences and behavioural sciences together with an early stage research career anticipating future technologies impacting society within the national Top Technology Institute on Telematics has reinforced her ongoing transdisciplinary research addressing complex societal challenges at a systemic level. Ever since, she has been working at the frontiers of systemic design and design research. Currently, as a director of the Delft Design Lab Participatory City Making, she uses the city as a space for transition to study the next role of design in a transforming society. Specifically, the role of participation and inclusiveness in addressing sustainable development goals are studied through local design experiments.


Pioneering Open Data projects include Rotterdam Open Data leading to the city’s Open Data policy ‘to have all public sector information released unless…’ already in September 2011 and H2020 Open4Citizens supporting the engagement of urban communities and meaningful use of Open Data through local Open Data Labs.


In the H2020 Marie Curie European Training Network programme ODECO, she is the coordinator of ESR1 “Strategies for Building data capacity” and co-supervisor of ESR1, ESR6 and ESR10.


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